Thursday, September 13, 2007

Creativity of Children

The way that God made the minds of children work is fascinating and beautiful to me. There is so much imagination and innocence in the mind of a child.

Just the other day I was babysitting my two
favorite little boys to babysit (the oldest is 6 now and I've been their main babysitter since he was less than a year old) and I gave the youngest (age 3) a banana because he was hungry. We had previously been playing trains with their rather large "Thomas the Tank Engine" train playset. Well, I went to check on something in the kitchen and when I got back to their room and the 3-year-old said "Oh, no! James is stuck in mud! Oh, no!" I looked, and low and behold, there in the middle of the train track was James the engine stuck in the "mud" (aka a banana)!

Now, most people probably would have thought this was a bad thing, but I thought that it was a
fairly clever idea to use a mushy, sticky banana as mud. There are a lot of worse things he could have used.

Point being: God created us to use our minds and imaginations and think outside the box. Too o
ften I think we get "stuck in the mud" of life and don't take the time to see what is really going on around us. We take what God has given us for granted and we use our minds, but we don't challenge them to be creative and imaginative.

So, don't be a stick in the mud (or a tank engine). Enjoy the imagination God has given you!