Friday, September 28, 2012

Different, But The Same

It's been over two years since I posted anything on this blog. Wow! I almost forgot that it existed. I have enjoyed going back and reading old posts an reminders of things I had forgotten. So much has happened in just two years time!

Life has changed.

I have been married for over three years to an incredible man that God has made into a spiritual leader and warrior for Himself. I have watched him go from a young man full of life, energy, and anticipation for what his future held to a young - but older than he was - man that the Lord has matured into a strong, wise, godly husband and leader of his household. He has become a great protector, provider, and example of Christ Jesus.

I have worked on the same unit in the same hospital this whole time. I love my job. I don't always love it at the moment, but I love having the consistent opportunity to serve and show Christ's love to others. It is good for me to be in an environment where I am constantly reminded that we are called to trials on this earth & that I was made to be the hands and feet of Jesus by serving sacrificially, even when I am tired or patient family members are rude or some child has messed up his bed sheets multiple times within a few hours and I have to change them over and over again. It is good to have to look past my own wants and needs and consider the needs of others above myself.

My family has changed. My siblings have grown and matured, life has happened, and we have had joy and mourning. In April, my earthly father accidentally committed suicide. This has been the greatest challenge of my life so far, and has brought both the deepest hurt and the closest intimacy with God that I have ever felt. A blessing of pain is the insatiable longing for relief it causes. I am more aware than ever before that this world is not where I want to be forever. I want to go home to my Eternal Father and bask in His perfect presence, free of sin and death. However, I am finding joy in serving Him while I am here. All of our days are numbered, so as long as I am here, I know that I am supposed to be here and I will seek to accomplish the goals that my Heavenly Father has set for me.

Other loved ones have died. In fact, we lost 8 family members in one year back in 2010. Many new lives have started. I now have multiple close friends that have children, some have multiple children! I have gained a sister in law and a brother in law. We bought a house. We bought a car. I have learned all about "real food," gardening, sustainability, alternative health, and many other subjects. Friends and family have moved away. Most of my closest friends are still close to me in spirit, but physically farther away.

Life is different.

The Trinity is still the same as He was two years ago. Still faithful. Still steadfastly loving. Still just and righteous. Still gracious. Still merciful. Still slow to anger and abounding in love. Still pardoning my iniquities and forgiving my transgressions. Still giving me undeserved kindness and compassion each day. Still true. ALWAYS true. God never changes.

Life is different. Life is hard. Life is good, because God is a good and true and faithful God who never changes. I can always count on Him and the truth of His Word.

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." Hebrews 13:8