Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Growing Days

Today was a very big "growing day" for me, spiritually speaking.

It all started this morning when I was talking to Paul on the phone. By the end of the conversation I had come to the conclusion that everything is based on perspective, so we can't trust man for the truth. Everyone has their own version of how an event happened, and their own perspective is the truth. God is the only One who can really say what truth is, because He has been accurate & truthful 100% or the time. He has always fulfilled promises and commitments, and never had to say He was wrong... because He hasn't been!

That was growing lesson #1.

Secondly, I was up at the hospital getting my clinical assignment and the weather outside was dreadful. Student parking is not near the hospital, so we either take the bus or walk. When I walked out of the hospital to go to my car, the bus was no where in sight, so I decided to walk instead of just stand in the rain & get drenched.
Well, it rained pretty hard as I was walking to my car, and I was getting really wet. I started praying, "Lord, would you please let up on the rain? At least until I can get to my car?" and yet it continued to rain at a steady pace. Then I started getting a little upset and thought, "Ok, Lord, why aren't you answering me?"
When I finally got to my car, I opened the car door, sat down, shut the door, and the rain started to POUR! It was then that I realized that God was listening to my prayers and was answering them, just not how I had anticipated. If I hadn't prayed for Him to let up on the rain, perhaps He had intended for it to pour the entire time I walked to my car & I would have been completely soaked.
What a good lesson on God's provision! There are so many times when I think, "God, are you listening?" and yet, I don't stop to think that maybe my prayers aren't being answered exactly how I expected, but they are being answered and He is making things better than they might have been had I not been faithful to pray.

So, that was lesson #2. Now on to lesson #3...

This one isn't nearly as profound as lesson #2, but Paul and I were studying Genesis 41 tonight and came to the conclusion that Manasseh & Ephraim (sons of Joseph & Ansenah) were probably twins. What's the significance? Well, these days it's been shown that sometimes twins are genetic. If your parent is a twin, or you have a biological aunt or uncle who is a twin, you are more likely to have twins. Jacob & Esau were twins, and then Jacob had Joseph, and Joseph had twins. How cool to remember that if someone is genetically predisposed now, they would have been genetically predisposed back then, too, they just didn't know it! That was my medical/spiritual moment for the day. :)

Thank you, God, for growing days!