Thursday, March 18, 2010

Future thoughts

Well, I had an interview on Monday for the CVICU in the hospital I currently work at. I would looooooooooooooooove to get the position. However, I heard that a lot of people applied, so it's competitive. Now I am just trusting the Lord to put me where he wants me to be.

PRAYER REQUEST: Please be praying that if it is God's will that I will get this job. They said I should hear something by the end of next week.

Good news is that I've been on top of my game with my school work and have finished almost all of the semester projects so that I can concentrate on studying for tests and learning what I need to know to pass my state boards. God is so good to give me the time I need to accomplish the tasks I am assigned.

Just read a friend's blog and saw that she had created this saying & loved it:
"Think, read, and pray before a choice you make.
Use your mind, engage your heart, before a step you take.

Pray, pray, pray! :)