Thursday, July 23, 2009

One Month!

Paul and I have been married for a little over a month now. Monday made one month for us. For our one month anniversary, we ate at the Olive Garden and it was soooooo good! Their white chocolate raspberry cheesecake is one of my favorite deserts in the whole world.

Paul surprised me by bringing home roses! I love roses!!! I'm not a big flower person just because they are so expensive and they die so quickly (it's a lot of money for something that won't last long), but I really like getting them every once in a while for a special occasion, so our 1 month anniversary was just perfect! Paul knows me so well!

On Tuesday night (day after our 1 month) we decided to dive into our wedding cake topper (which is more like a whole cake) for our 1 month rather than our 1 year, because so many people have told us that no matter how well you wrap the cake, it never tastes that good after it has been sitting in one's freezer for a whole year. We will just make a new cake to celebrate when we get to a year.

Paul wanted me to take a picture of the dinner I made for him on Tuesday night. It wasn't anything special, but he thought it was really good. I made stuffed baked potatoes, fruit salad with whipped cream, and cut up some bell peppers. Of course, cake was dessert. YUMMY!